KIPEC is wishing all parties of plant industry to be a member of KIPEC to make a contribution national welfare by academic research and technology development of plant industry and promoting the status of the technician.

Major Business

  • 1. Academic research for technology development of plant industry.
  • 2. Opening a conference, lecture and training course.
  • 3. Publication of journals and books.
  • 4. Sharing technology information with the foreign related institution.
  • 5. Setting standards and specifications on plant industry.
  • 6. Advisory, proposal, and service to a government institution or public organization.
  • 7. Establishment and operation of plant research center.
  • 8. Providing technical guidance related to plant project for improved engineering, material, construction and project management.
  • 9. Study on policy, legislation, and improvement of a system.
  • 10. Maintaining dignity and establishing ethics of the members.
  • 11. Other related business for achieving society's goal.

Membership Type & Qualification

  • 1. Regular member: A person who participates in the plant industry and corresponding professional field or acknowledged as an equal status.
  • 2. Student member: A student who is studying related to plant industry at university or acknowledged as an equal status of the institute.
  • 3. Special member: An organization related to plant industry and corresponding field in favor of our society.
  • 4. Honorary member: A person with great erudition and morality in plant industry and corresponding professional field who contributed to the advancement of our society approved by board of directors.

Membership Fee

  • 1. Regular member: Registration fee: ₩20,000, Annual fee: ₩40,000 ※Who works at corporate members are exempt from registration fee
  • 2. Student member: No registration fee, Annual fee: ₩20,000
  • 3. Lifetime member: ₩400,000 including registration fee


On-line registration
  • 1. On-line registration
  • 2. Pay corresponding fee
  • 3. Registration completed

Membership Fee

Special member: After consultation

Registration procedure

  • 1. Registration
  • 2. Consultation on membership fee
  • 3. Pay corresponding fee
  • 4. Registration completed

Membership benefits

Category Details
Organization Corporate member A Corporate member B/th> Corporate member C
Advertisement on journal - 4 times/year 4 times/year 2 times/year
Company introduction on journal - when requested when requested maximum 2 times/year
Journal distribution 2 copy 10 copy 6 copy 3 copy
Conference and lecture registration exemption for 1 person exemption for 3 person exemption for 2 person exemption for 1 person
purchasing publication and training course Regular membership for 1 employee Regular membership for employee Regular membership for employee Regular membership for employee
Introduction on homepage - banner on homepage banner on homepage banner on homepage
Event invitation - invitation for 3 person invitation for 2 person invitation for 1 person